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Welcome to Everything Entrepreneur where we develop leaders, small businesses, school district employees, entrepreneurs, and corporations!

With over 25+ years in leadership, Gale, the owner, has been teaching in some of the toughest Title 1 schools and also non-English speakers at the college level. She has devoted her life to the development of people of all ages, races and culture so that they, too, can REALIZE their FULL potential and gain valuable workplace skills.

Gale is a member of the world renown John Maxwell TEAM and has been CERTIFIED to teach John's Leadership Principles. John has written over 77+ books on leadership and is a world leadership guru who speaks to Fortune 500 CEOs as well as Heads of State to name a few. He has established a well organized group of coaches, teachers, leaders in their own right who have displayed the leadership qualities he considers appropriate to be a member of his TEAM!

Are you ready for purposeful adventure and a fun learning environment to access your organizations potential and "inner gold"? Please review the services and topics of interest below, and schedule a free consult with Gale to discuss your organization's current needs regarding retention, morale, TEAM management, productivity, etc. Gale customizes each presentation to address your company's specific needs. If you really want to WOW your employees, buy them lunch while they listen and participate in an interactive, fun leadership experience, on or off-site locations can be arranged. 
  • Educational Consulting
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Productivity
  • Civility in the workplace
  • Developing a "Healthy Mindset"

Only honest communication heals!

Define. Communicate. Change.

  • Collaboration vs. Competitiveness
  • Navigating "Life Transitions"
  • Perseverance as a TEAM
  • Knowing when to restructure
  • TEAM effectiveness
  • Honoring each TEAM member
  • RESPECT under pressure
  • Developing a TEAM of experts

Who needs our services?

Corporations who want to train their key employees in Leadership Development

Small Business Owners who want to GROW their businesses using Strategic Marketing plans
Entrepreneurs who need a mentor to navigate the best way forward without spending extraordinary amounts on coaching
School Districts who want to effect serious change, delivering quality programs with a TEAM of experts who work well with each other and champion the best from their colleagues, parents & students as well as the community.

Who benefits from our services?

Change Management
Leads to:
-employee satisfaction
-higher retention rates
-satisfied, loyal clients
-higher efficiency
-sustained profitability
-higher test scores
-lower stress
-greater influence
-larger reach
Change Management
-small business

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