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Invite me to speak to your leadership groups on EMPOWERING WOMEN in the home, marketplace and the WORLD. Women are more powerful in many ways, yet are cast to the side as "objects" for sexual pleasure, convenience, and/or distraction. Many women, Christian women are dealing with spouses who are unfaithful in the realm of their manhood by porn addiction, alcoholism, escapism, and all other types of distractions that we do not understand and have trouble identifying their lack of enthusiasm in relationships for their spouses, children and community. They seem to excel in one area, WORK, but have so many internal insecurities and addictions outside of work, that it's truly difficult for their families to have respect for them as leaders. I'm here to help men and women become who God has called them to be in the home, at work, in the community and in the church. Ask me to speak at your conference, leadership trainings, churches, workplaces to invade the darkness of people's lives and share TRUE HOPE for FREEDOM from hopelessness and the insecurities battling for their minds! Book me to speak at 303.731.9349. Certified John Maxwell Speaker & Leadership Trainer.