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Winner's Circle Coaching Services

Can you do what you love and make money doing it? Many think that their 401k, annuities, etc. will be enough to support them in their golden years. Have you considered starting your own business that will help you in your retirement years by staying active, by serving others and providing a valuable service to them, that you actually love doing? Work is only work if you don't love what you're doing. We will help you design a business that will benefit you and your family for years to come. A legacy of love and a gift to your community. 


We offer life coaching for women who have suffered any type of physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual abuse in their lives. It is our way of reaching out and empowering women to realize their potential both at work and at home. One of my favorite women preachers often says "Who told you that?"...in other words, WHY? are you believing that lie that was either said about you, to you, or both. We help women sort through what IS TRUE about them, their gifting and their worth to their family, community and workplace. Did you know that there is an epidemic of pornography going on in the lives of men who have low-self esteem and use porn to ease their internal struggle of being "desired"...hello, women...you are enough...it's not you, it's them and their unfulfilled desires that make them lash out at you. YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM...don't take it. Instead, you need to see yourself in light of your heavenly Father's opinion of you. You and YOUR CHILDREN will "make it" without an abusive husband and/or Dad. We empower women to develop their God-given talents/gifts to achieve a sustainable way of life for themselves and their children. That is why we have kept the cost of this program so low. We are here to help, but also have bills to pay as well. :) Love you women who have come so far in so short of time to untangle your lives from years of torment and abuse from unhealthy relationships. You and your children will heal and become all that God created you to be and you will help others as you yourself become whole.  This is your time! This is your moment to walk into your brighter future, ladies! YOU CAN DO IT!!! We will help!


We offer teachers business coaching to help them supplement their often low incomes. Most teachers have second jobs and we want to help them use their unique talents/gifts to maximize their earning potential. Most teachers are highly skilled, well-organized and excellent public speakers. By joining others and developing your strengths, you can have a lucrative retirement using your public speaking skills in Leadership.