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As a professional marketer, holding a BBA in Marketing from the University of Houston, and Founder of nine online companies, I take marketing to new levels in your small business. Holding live events, creating promotional materials, influencing potential clients to do business with your company by using the most innovative and cost effective marketing strategies for YOUR company. My fees are very reasonable and the return on your investment will definitely be worth it.
Many business owners just don't have the time and/or desire to effectively market their products/services and/or lack the training in how to approach an existing market, gaining new clients via social media marketing, live events and utilizing community events to their business advantage. I help you see the potential market and narrow your marketing strategy to effectively penetrate your market with freshness, vitality and insight.
By researching your market, your potential client base, I can give you strategies of marketing to them where you are creating REAL connections with them, making them into loyal and repeat clients/customers. 
You CAN teach "old dogs new tricks"...with patience, freshness, and innovative ideas/strategies, your "old way of doing things" which may or may not be working, can be revamped with just a little effort and investment on your part. 
That's why hiring a professional to give you the FRESH ideas you need and deserve for your business is a very SMART and CLEVER idea to effectively ENGAGE your new clients. Call me to set up a time to talk about your business, your needs and your goals for your business at 303.731.9349. Looking forward to hearing from you! 


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